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Q & A

Why should we work with Supply Dynamics?

Our extensive supply chain expertise and flexible programme is designed to meet your specific business requirements and our coaching and facilitative approach will ensure delivery of lasting benefits within your organisation. Our team will also work with your organisation beyond the design phase through implementation and benefit delivery.

What benefits could our organisation achieve?

We would expect benefits to be seen in a number of the following categories dependent upon the needs of your particular business.

  • Significant improvement in supply chain responsiveness and/or flexibility
  • Improved customer service, satisfaction and retention
  • Reduction in supply chain related costs
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved asset utilisation

Our approach has the additional benefit of ensuring your staff develop an understanding of the need for change throughout an assignment, as well as gaining their involvement in delivery of the benefits.

What expertise do Supply Dynamics have?

We have many years of experience working in a number of FTSE 100 multi national organisations, with expertise across a wide range of supply chain related functions. In addition to industry experience our MD also developed and headed a supply chain consultancy practice within a major logistics service provider, leading a number of large international supply chain improvement projects in both manufacturing and retail organisations.

Industry sectors covered include, chemicals, gas, semi-conductor, textiles, furniture, foods and horticulture and logistics and third party supply chain management. However, we believe the flexibility of our approach would suit most industry sectors.

What will it cost us?

This will depend upon the nature, scope and complexity of the specific assignment. Full scoping and costing forms part of the initial phase of any assignment following our initial meeting with you. However, we believe the value we will bring to your organisation will enable you to achieve a rapid return on your investment in our services.

Given our coaching approach and desire to engage with the knowledge and expertise of your own staff, our costs will also be significantly lower than traditional consultancy practices.

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