Supply Dynamics


International Logistics Partner Selection

We work with you to define your international logistics service needs and the operational model best suited to your requirements and existing levels of expertise within your organisation.

We will then design and facilitate a robust selection process, covering a number of areas:

  • Short listing potential suppliers
  • Drawing up and issuing Request for Information & Quotation or Invitation to Tender documents
  • Defining selection criteria and facilitating selection workshops and presentations
  • Defining contractual and/or service level agreements
  • Implementing the new partner

This process will ensure the selection of a partner who meets your business needs together with effective implementation and operational integration with your people and processes.

International Trade Advice & Education

When involved in overseas sourcing and/or supply to overseas customers a number of legislative, cultural and contractual aspects need to be taken into consideration.

The cost and service penalties of non-compliance and lack of knowledge can far outweigh cost savings and profit potential in international trade.

We offer a high level assessment and education service to enable you and your staff to understand and focus on the areas of development and/or improvement necessary.

This will ensure legislative compliance together with clarity of roles and responsibilities, which will enable the smooth movement of product, information and documentation through the international chain. 

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